MMGY Global 2017-2018 Portrait of American Travelers® Subscription

$ 2,950.00

Portrait of American Travelers® subscribers will receive a series of five informative marketing research papers, each one analyzing an important trend revealed in the data. These papers will interpret the raw data, identify valuable marketing insights and translate the strategic implications as determined by MMGY Global’s senior leadership team. In addition to the study’s complete data tables of all travelers over five years as well as 2017 by generation, subscribers will receive:


This paper focuses on the forecast of the year ahead for the travel industry, as well as three topics of interest: increased share of domestic vacations, the role of attractions in vacations and how Google has become the top travel website. Available now. 

Road Trips on the Rise

As Americans increasingly favor domestic over international vacations, road trips are also on the rise. In 2016, road trips represented 22 percent of vacations taken by American travelers, while in 2017 the number increased significantly to 39 percent. Almost half of American travelers took at least one road trip during the past 12 months, and MMGY Global predicts even more will do so next year. This paper will also profile various segments of road trippers based on life stage and generation in order to help both destinations and travel service providers better understand and attract these vacationers. Available now. 

Luxury Travelers

It’s a mistake to consider all affluent households luxury consumers. The behaviors and preferences of the simply affluent and actual luxury consumers are distinct, especially when it comes to travel. MMGY Global defines luxury travelers as affluent (with an annual household income of at least $125,000) travelers who believe that it’s worth paying more for the very best quality for both vacation accommodations and transportation. Although they only represent 11 percent of American travelers, during the past 12 months these 6.7 million traveling households took 40 million vacations and spent $67.5 billion on leisure travel. This paper will reveal how to target luxury travelers and develop communication plans that appeal to their preferences. Available now. 


Last year, MMGY Global introduced the idea of digging deeper than the generational level to identify microsegments to improve industry targeting and allover campaign performance. This year, we’ve identified a new set of promising microsegments in travel, developed from the 2017 data. And they aren’t who you would expect them to be! Available now. 

The Question of Loyalty

What makes leisure travelers truly loyal? Delving into what fuels loyalty (and lack of loyalty) to hotel, airline and car rental brands, this paper will explore both the reasons for and implications of loyalty with regards to current loyalty programs as well as the overall travel marketplace. In addition to revealing the relationship between loyalty and vacation frequency, MMGY Global investigates which microsegments exhibit the most loyalty and what travel brands best attract truly loyal customers. Available now.