Cannabis Tourism

$ 2,500.00

Available July 9, 2020  

Cannabis Tourism: Opportunities, Issues & Strategies is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between MMGY Travel Intelligence, the leading source of strategic insight for the travel and tourism industry, and Enlightn Strategies, the most trusted advisor in the CBD and cannabis-related tourism space. Based on1,500 completed surveys of American travelers screened for interest in cannabis-related activities on vacation, this detailed report captures a thorough profile of behaviors and motivations., Portrait of Cannabis Tourism rates the appeal of various cannabis experiences on vacation, and reveals how interested travelers research, plan and book their experiences. This report is a must-read for destinations and travel industry suppliers seeking to understand the mindset and buying behaviors of this emerging segment of travelers in the U.S.

In addition, custom analyses are available based on requested crosstabs of the summary data. For example, clients may request the results by generational cohort or household income strata. Reports may also be prepared that profile travelers with a stated interest in visiting specific destinations (e.g. Profile of the Cannabis Traveler Interested In Visiting Las Vegas). Please click here to request your custom report.