2018 - 2019 MMGY Global Portrait of American Travelers® Subscription

$ 2,950.00

Portrait of American Travelers® subscribers will receive a series of four informative marketing research papers, each one analyzing an important trend revealed in the data. These papers will interpret the raw data, identify valuable marketing insights and translate the strategic implications as determined by MMGY Global’s senior leadership team. In addition to the study’s complete data tables of all travelers over five years as well as 2018 by generation, subscribers will receive:

Profile of the Culinary Traveler

It’s no secret that people love to discover new foods and cuisines while traveling that are specific and authentic to the places they visit. Food is an essential part of the vacationing experience, and this paper will investigate the diverse types of culinary experiences travelers most desire. It will focus on what makes a subset of these culinary travelers – a group we call “Culinary Explorers” – a rather unique brand of travelers. These travelers are passionate about experiencing authentic, local food as well as exploring different cultures and sampling a variety of cuisines while on vacation. The report will also highlight various ways to appeal to these travelers and how you can best convince them that your destination has what they need. Available Now.

Profile of the Online Travel Review Writer

Online travel reviews are a powerful force among vacationers. In fact, half of all travelers have read online travel reviews during the past 12 months. And, among those consulting online reviews, three-fourths prefer reading the detailed reviews over simply trusting an overall rating and they won’t consider visiting places with low ratings. So, who are the influential people writing these reviews? What is important to these reviewers when it comes to selecting a hotel or a destination? And how are their reviews impacting readers and the travel decisions they ultimately make? This paper will focus on providing destinations and travel service providers with an in-depth profile of who these people are, and will investigate strategies to get them on your side. Available Now.

Profile of the Social Media Traveler

One of the most exciting new features of the 2018–2019 Portrait survey is the expansion of the battery of questions related to social media, focusing on the channel’s role in influencing vacation decisions. For instance, which social networks are most important to travelers? What is the role of influencers and celebrities in travel decision making? Which of the following has the most pull among vacationers – friends and family, travel marketing feeds or content from publishers such as magazines and lifestyle titles? This paper will answer these questions and more. It will also provide a profile of the most promising type of social media influencer as well as how to best connect them with your destination or service. Available March 2019.

Profile of the Wellness Traveler

One of the leading trends in leisure travel today is wellness and how many vacationers use travel experiences to enhance their mental and physical well-being. Ten percent of traveler’s report being highly motivated to vacation specifically to pursue wellness and healthy living. These high-earning, high-spending travelers are desirable for destinations and travel service providers alike. This paper will delve into their traveler behaviors and motivations, and will provide actionable ideas for how marketers can effectively reach them and win their business. Available May 2019.